Modern Flexibilities for Brass


MODERN FLEXIBILITIES FOR BRASS, by Scott Belck, is an innovative approach to the essential skill of  musical flexibility on brass instruments.  This ground-breaking method incorporates an entirely new vocabulary of harmonically rich and rhythmically varied studies and exercises that are not only challenging, but fun and interesting to practice. Drawing from more than 25 years of experience as a professional trumpet player, lead player, educator, jazz artist, soloist, chamber player, educator and composer, Belck combines an “out-of-the-box’ perspective and unique writing style, constantly challenging the player to think and practice creatively.  MFB is quickly becoming one of the best selling sarcastic lip slur books in the south central Ohio river valley region, so get yours today before you miss out on all the fun!

Modern Flexibilities for Brass Cover


“I’ve been going through your Modern Flexibilities book …. This is really a fantastic book! I’ve been modifying simple flexibility things like this for years. I love the way it keeps the brain engaged while getting the flex benefits…. Bravo my friend.”
~ Wayne Bergeron, L.A. Studio legend, lead trumpet, Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band, former lead trumpet for Maynard Ferguson

“Scott Belck’s Flexibility Studies are a nice change from the daily material I’ve been doing my whole career. I like the variety and will use them regularly.”
~ Raymond Mase, Trumpeter, American Brass Quintet, Chair of Brass, the Juilliard School

“Much more than a method book, Scott’s innovative approach to lip flexibilities challenges and rewards the modern day trumpeter with superior range, endurance and technique. Incorporating these exercises into your daily practice will give you confidence to stand on any bandstand.”
~ Byron Stripling – Former lead Trumpeter with the Count Basie Orchestra and featured soloist with Boston Pops and numerous other orchestras.

“A truly new twist on this essential skill by Scott Belck. This will keep us all busy!”
~ Vince Dimartino, International trumpet soloist and professor of trumpet

 “I highly recommend this book written by the wonderful trumpeter Scott Belck…… The advantage of Scott’s book is that it has more interesting intervals and is not strictly diatonic, therefore I think it’s much healthier for the creative mind and the ears. And……it’s funny too.
~ Lew Soloff, former Trumpet with Blood, Sweat and Tears, lead Trumpet Carnegie Hall Jazz Orchestra, jazz soloist with Gil Evans Orchestra

“Scott Belck’s Modern Flexibilities are an essential part of my daily practice and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their trumpet playing. These great flowing exercises are a harmonically interesting and enjoyable way to approach the repetitive physical training that is necessary to play the trumpet well. They always leave me playing more easily than before I started. Thanks Scott!”
~ Charles Lazarus, Trumpet, Minnesota Orchestra, formerly of Canadian Brass, Dallas Brass


“Scott’s new book is great! Flexibility has been a huge part of my “routine” for more than 30 years and can be a bit mundane at times. This book has added some fun and challenging exercises back into my daily maintenance. Great job Scott. Congrats!!

~ Scott Englebright, former Lead Trumpet, Maynard Ferguson Orchestra


“These exercises are a creative and practical approach to improving flexibility. Scott Belck understands the fundamentals of trumpet playing and encourages the player to “Let Yourself Go”. This book will be on my music stand for many years to come.”

~ Douglas Lindsay, Trumpet, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra


“Scott Belck’s Modern Flexibilities is an important contribution to the literature of our brass world!  These collected exercises from “lip-slur headquarters” are thoughtfully designed to advance any brass player’s technique, fun to practice, and presented with a good dose of humor — a winning combination.  I highly recommend Modern Flexibilities to all brass musicians! “

~ Randy C. Gardner, Professor of Horn and Chair of the Wind, Brass, and Percussion Department, University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music,  Retired Second Hornist, The Philadelphia Orchestra

“This book is the beginning of a revolution in practicing flexibility.  Scott has brought his creativity in a way that is accessible while still challenging to players of all levels.  I practice this material regularly and have seen the benefits.  This book is a must have for every brass player.”

~ Joey Tartell, professor of trumpet at Indiana University, former lead trumpet for Maynard Ferguson, Smithsonian Masterworks Jazz Orchestra


“This is not just another lip slur book; Scott has created some challenging and FUN new exercises that will keep you wanting to turn the page. Even if your chops are begging for a break, you can still look ahead and read the wonderful anecdotes. After you stop laughing, they make you really want to give the exercise a try.  Thanks Scott, for a wonderful new book!”

~ Jay Saunders, former Lead Trumpet, Stan Kenton Orchestra, former director of the University of North Texas One O’Clock Lab Band

“Belck wakes us up, challenges us, entertains us, and stretches our technique in the process. Highly recommended!”

~ Peter Bond, Trumpet, Metropolitan Opera

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