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Greetings from the home offices of the now famous “LIP SLUR WORLD HEADQUARTERS” – the people who brought you “Lip-Slur of the Day”, “Flexibility of the Day”, “Flexi-Chunks” and a whole host of other fun brass exercises you can’t play.  (And we can…..just barely.)  As seen on Facebook, the staff here in Cincinnati works tirelessly to bring you the highest quality Lip Slurs and flexibility products.

Yes, LSWHQ — where the magic happens 🙂


  • Most Outstanding Slur Groups — Lip Management Annual Conference
  • Best Flexibility – International Brass Slur Congress
  • Most Likely Not to Succeed – Tongue Arch Society Banquet and Roast
  • 7 “CLAMMY” nominations 1997-2014
  • Top Ten Favorite – Brotherhood of Piccolo Trumpet and Castrati
  • Face-Buster of the Quarter, Yearly Review of People with Too Much Free Time
  • Wildest Flexibility Package (08-12) – Slurs Gone Wild Video Series
  • Web Gem Top Pick, ESPN (Entertaining Slur People’s Notebook)
  • Editors’ Pick, Facial Yoga Quarterly
  • Best New Font,
  • 100% Fresh Critic’s Pick,
  • Third Prize, Munich Trumpet and Garden Show
  • Blue Ribbon, 64th Annual North Platte Weenie Roast and Slur-Off
  • Honorable Mention for Earl Irons 28th Group, allegedly cut by publisher
  • Best New Tonguing Exercise, as voted by Mr. Schneebly’s 8th Grade euphonium section (pronounced “Schnay-Blay”).

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