Leave the Tongue, Take the Cannoli

A Lip Slur You Can’t Refuse

Greetings from the Cincinnati offices of Lip Slur World Headquarters, where our two sons, and heirs the vast sarcastic lip slur empire, are finally of age to sit and watch the entire 3 glorious hours of the Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather.” Since this is the corporate model upon which Lip Slur World HQ is founded upon, we thought we’d share this “Godfather” inspired lip slur, a flexibility that you can’t refuse from someone who did 10 years hard time in an Italian Festival band – Saluti!!

Download “Leave the Tongue, Take the Cannoli” here:

Author: sbelck

Trumpet player, teacher, jazz musician, and the illegitimate father of the modern lip slur.

One thought

  1. Comeback Player. Great base info. to expand your thinking …. If you haven’t improved during these time, you’ve missed a great opportunity ………. get to work.

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