“Name that Slur, Win a Free Book” Contest Winner Announced!!

Results are in for the “Name that Slur, Win a Free Book” contest- Congratulations to the winners. Final results:

Grand Champion(s):

Tim Fogarty “I Plead the (Descending) 5th” 11 like
(+2 pts from the house because my wife laughed out loud at your title) ~ Tim wins naming rights, however he has already received a free copy of PLF, so that goes to:

Ryan Beach:“Why do these keep popping up on my Facebook” 10 likes – wins the FREE BOOK
(+2 pts from the house because my wife laughed out loud at your title)

2nd Place 
Matthew Anklan “Lip Slur?! I Hardly Know Her!” 9 likes

3rd Place (5-way Tie)

Nate Lesiak “Tongue-Tied and Finger-F(ill-in-the-blank)ed” 7 likes
(+2 pts from the house because my wife laughed out loud at your title)

JG Miller: “Slurry McSlurryface” 7 likes
(+2 pts from the house because my wife laughed out loud at your title)

Brad Goode “Make It Stop.” 7 likes

Jeff Folkens “Game of Groans” 7 likes

Liesl Whitaker “Hold my Beer” 7 likes

Tim Steepe – “You Can’t Be Slurious!” 7 likes

Honorable Mention:

Michael Shults “Terrence” only 1 like (but a critics pick)

Bryan Davis “Thank you Slur, May I Have Another…” 6

Marylee Vennemeyer “I Can’t feel my face when I’m with you…and I like it?” (critics pick)

Rules Violation(s) update and House Edits of Note from the Judges’ Panel

Victor Cummings “Mr. Belck, I don’t feel so good”

Judge Joey Tartel: “Victor- it’s Dr. Belck. Are you trying to get yourself disqualified?”

Victor Cummings “”Shit….” …..”Fixed”

“Dr. Belck, I Don’t Feel So Good”

Adrian Griffin “pull my finger”

Scott Belck “Disqualified!!! See “Progressive Lip Flexibilities for Brass” 2019. Already published as “Pull My Fingering Chart” on page #73. Judges Joey Tartel and William Stowman – this title shows a complete lack of knowledge of the oeuvre, need a ruling for the appropriate penalty!! We need another ruling.

Judge Joey Tartel “Shocking! Although I appreciate Adrian’s enthusiasm for the contest (with multiple entries), this kind of careless oversight is unacceptable!”

Judge William Stowman: “Adrian Griffin DISQUALIFIED. Sorry man, great idea. . .but you’ve got to know the lexicon.”

Matt Dixon “Su-per-ca-li-fra-gile-stiff-lip-expiali-slur-ocious” 7 +2
Judge William Stowman “Matt Dixon nice work. . . But the royalties to Disney would break LSWHQ. . . Scott already owes money for infringing on tunes from Oklahoma. . . See what I did there?”

Max Levowitz “Suicide Slur”
Scott Belck: “Max – you need to work with your raw materials and editing process. Something like “Assisted Sluricide”, which, I’m keeping for myself.”

Max Levowitz “Scott Belck I’m disappointed in myself, and the fact that I’ve let you all down. I shall tuck my tail between my legs and go back to the drawing board.”

Thanks to all who participated and two our esteemed judges panel. If you didn’t win your free copy of “Progressive Lip Flexibilities for Brass” it’s not too late to order your copy at the link in the comment section below. Slurpplies are limited and operators are standing by.


I Plead the (Descending) 5th

Author: sbelck

Trumpet player, teacher, jazz musician, and the illegitimate father of the modern lip slur.

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